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I write engaging blog posts for SaaS, B2B, marketing and tech brands so your prospective audience can respond to a CTA that drives ROI and increases brand engagement.

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Why Thin Content Can Hurt Your Chances of Ranking

Two major components of excellent SEO include relevance and authority. Your site gets considerable traffic from providing relevant content that is helpful to your target audience, which in turn leads to your content having more engagement. Search engines pick up such activity and reward you for it by increasing your page's ranking on SERPs.
Google did not implement such remarkable utility for high-quality content until 2011, when its Panda algorithm update was released. Before the update, pages with little to no relevance, showcasing low-quality and thin content, could easily rank high in search results. The
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How Successful Brands Close the Loop with 1 to 1 Attribution

Drafting your report to show evidence of your marketing impact can be challenging. You can measure critical metrics such as impressions, likes and clicks; however, showing how much they impact your business’s bottom line is a different story.

About 75% of marketers report how their campaigns are directly influencing their revenue. Having trackable KPIs and clearly outlining how your marketing strategy impacts your ROI will enable you to pinpoint the necessary costs and increase your team’s efficiency.

Marketing attribution helps you connect the dots between several marketing channels and one closed sales deal. Hence, you can better understand critical areas such as which media drive most sales and the related customer journey.
In this article, we will go through:

How to Snooze Notifications for Individual Apps on Android

Putting your phone down to focus on work or take some time off isn't going to be very effective if new notifications keep going off. Some notifications will alert you to important information that you don't want to miss, while others offer little more than an annoying distraction. Luckily, Android lets you snooze notifications on an app-by-app basis to address this.

So if you want to temporarily mute the unnecessary notifications without missing the important ones, you need to learn how to snoo

Metaverse Stocks: What You Should Know

Unless you have been living under a rock, you should have heard of the metaverse. The metaverse is more than the next big thing. In addition to being the enormous wave that everyone wants to ride on, it is set to revolutionize the way we interact with the digital world as we know it.

With the metaverse increasingly becoming commonplace by the day, investment opportunities are on the rise, and there are various avenues for you to participate to get profitable returns. Nowadays, you can buy digit